уторак, 19. јануар 2010.

New season

This is my first post for this year. This winter has been too hard and long for me. I had a lot of long and hard trainigs and about New Year I had a flu but now everything is OK. I had more than 800km or 70h running per month. I hope that it will be enough to be well prepared for next season. Several times I changed my training plan because of snow and cold weather and I haven't done much tehnical training this winter, but I hope that the weather will be good next month.
Last weekend I took part in some winter league in Novi Sad and it was my first race for this year. It was very fast sprint race without tehnical demanding route but that was good training.
Now I'm in the best period of my life for trainings and therefore I am able to train every day for more than two hours.

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